Thiessen Ranch Proteins

To source and finish restaurant quality protein, ready for your family’s freezer at home. 

Overview: Thiessen Ranch proteins are the result of multi-generational agriculture background paired with professional culinary training. Thiessen Ranch products come from our family’s own breed stock or are sourced from like-minded, local producers whose missions align with our own. In developing our herds we focus on genetics, health, stewardship, and bringing grain finished proteins direct to your freezer. We pasture the animals on our family farm in Walla Walla, allowing them to graze freely on our irrigated pasture and carefully supplementing with corn, wheat, and spent grains from our own downtown brewery, Crossbuck Brewing.  

Gene Thiessen circa 1950

The Brand:  The “Wagon Wrench” is the original Thiessen family cattle brand, brought to the United States by Gustav (Gus) D. 
Thiessen in 1882. Gus was Dan’s great-grandfather, who settled in the Lewis-Clark Valley just East of Walla Walla. Gus and his wife Mary raised wheat, cattle and 8 children together. Their love of family and agriculture was passed on to their son Oscar and grandson Gene, who was proud to continue that tradition in his own way, raising cattle on his Asotin Creek ranch. Dan Thiessen grew up on that ranch, which we now own, working alongside his dad and learning that whether it was any given Monday or Christmas morning, the cattle eat breakfast before you do! 

The image of the Wagon Wrench represents the wrenches carried on covered wagons to fix broken wheels. This brand is especially fitting on our farm today as it is located directly in line with the original Oregon Trail, just a mile or so East of Whitman Mission.  

The Wagon Wrench brand that Gustav originally brought to the United States with him has represented some of the best cattle genetics in the Northwest for generations. We are now proud to combine that legacy with our family’s extensive culinary and hospitality experience, bringing that focus on quality products available to your family. 


Eighth Beef

$6.50/lb Hanging weight
Appx. 95 lbs total
Yields 50-75 lbs of beef

Quarter Beef

$6.25/lb Hanging weight
Appx. 190 lbs total
Yields 100-150 lbs of beef

Half Beef

$6.00/lb Hanging weight
Appx. 375 lbs total
Yields 200-250 lbs of beef

Full Beef

$5.75/lb Hanging weight
Appx. 750 lbs total
Yields 400-500 lbs of beef

Restaurant quality protein, ready for your family’s freezer

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